Transitioning From Pediatric To Adult Healthcare

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In India, parents are generally more involved in their children’s healthcare decisions far longer than in any other country. While this has its pros and cons, it is important to make children aware of their conditions and empower them to ask the right questions to their doctor and take good decisions.

Here are a few practical steps you can take to help your child transition from Pediatric To Adult Healthcare:

Let the Doctor do the Talking
If your child has a specific healthcare need which needs a special kind of transition, it is strongly advised that you allow the pediatrician to communicate with the new doctor about treatments given, medicines prescribed and tests taken. You, as a parent, can do all the talking yourself but given the special status of the child, it is extremely crucial for the doctors to thoroughly understand the needs and wants of the patient.

Choose the Right Specialists
The next step in the transition from pediatric to adult healthcare is to choose the right specialist. In our opinion, asking your child’s pediatrician for suggestions about good doctors in your vicinity or within the same hospital is the best way to find the right doctor for your child.

While online platforms allow you to check the reviews about doctors, you have to be wary about the very small sample size of patients who post online reviews. Therefore, while you can use online reviews as one of the ways to steer clear of extremely bad cases, you cannot come to a conclusion about a doctor’s abilities based only on reviews found online. If possible, you could try and get in touch with the patients of good doctors who have received good reviews online and understand from them how the doctor operates technically and emotionally.

Link the Doctors
Conversations between your child’s pediatrician and new general physician/specialist can highlight special case treatments handed out during the process and also allow them to collaborate and identify better treatment prospects. As a parent, if you can initiate this kind of collaboration between the doctors, you can also be rest assured that you have done your part during this transition while also being present to understand the future roadmap of your child’s healthcare procedures.

At Venkataeswara Hospitals, we focus on giving our patients holistic healthcare. In that effort, we will empower you to make the transition from pediatric to adult healthcare process smoothly and efficiently for your child. We will ensure that your child gets the best treatment possible at a very economical cost. Get in touch with us to know more about how we can help you.