Patient Voice – Mr. Ramakrishnan

Few months back Mr. Ramakrishnan was suffering from stomach pain, at one stage he came to know that it is a Symptom of Gallstone. Then, immediately he came to Venkataeswara Hospitals and get medical advice and treatment from the doctor. He has undergone one operation for Gallstone, and now he feels better. He thanked Dr. Thillai Vallal and the entire hospital staff for providing a good service to the patient.

Patient Voice Mr putta Vijayendra

Mr Putta Vijayendra shares his experience about the Hospital treatment and care of Dr Thillai Vallal and Nurses in Venkataeswara Hospitals

Patient Voice – Mr Chaminda Abayasinghe

Mr Chaminde Abayasinghe suddenly got chest pain and got admitted in Venkataeswara Hospitals. After getting treatment he is so happy and he shares his experience and facilities of Venkataeswara hospitals

Patient Voice – Mr Ruban Chakravathi ‘s Mom

Patient ‘ mom Mrs Jayalakshmi explained about the care of Dr Thillai Vallal’s care about the patient

Patient voice – Mr Baskaran


Patient voice – Miss. Zaithan Chhungi


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Patient Voice – Mr Jayapaul

Mr Jayapaul shared his experience about the Hospital and Dr Thillai Vallal

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Patient Voice – Mrs janaki R

Mr Rajagopal shares His 25 years experience with Dr Thillai Vallal and Venkataeswara Hospitals and the treatment for his wife

Patient voice – Mr John peter ‘ son

Mr john peter”s son shares his experience about Venkataeswara Hospitals Nandanam

Patient Voice – Mr. Vaithiyanathan

Mr. Vaithiyanathan was admitted to Venkataeswara Hospitals for Chest Pain. After the treatment he was sharing his experience and the staffs on how they take care of him in Venkataeswara Hospitals.

Patient Voice – Mr. Durai Babu

Mr. Durai Babu, 73 years old admitted to Venkataeswara Hospitals for blood pressure. Our Doctor checked his health condition on various stages and finally conclude to go for Angiogram Treatment. After getting the treatment, now he feels better than before.

Patient Voice – Mr. Venkata Subbu

Watch Mr. Venkata Subbu, 77 years old retired teacher admitted to Venkataeswara Hospitals for the health problem, sharing his thought with everyone.

Note: Based on patient interest and request, we have taken his feedback.

Patient Voice – Mrs Uma Janakiraman Thanked Dr Su Thillai Vallal and His Team

Mrs. Uma Janakiraman, who was admitted to Venkataeswara Hospital for Chest Pain. Our doctors examine her health condition, and found that she has a block in blood vessels. She immediately undergone to Angiogram treatment and now she is totally recovered to normal stage. Her husband Mr. Janakiraman thanked Dr. Thillai Vallal and his team.

Patient Voice – Mr. Narasimhamoorthy

Watch Mr. Ganapathy Subramaniyam sharing his feedback about Venkataeswara Hospitals. His father Mr. Narasimhamoorthy admitted for Head Bone Fracture and undergone one surgery. After the surgery, his father feeling good and now he is discharging from the Hospitals. Finally his son thanked Dr. Thillai Vallal and his entire hospital staff.

Patient Voice – Mrs. Irudhaya Mary

Mrs. Irudhaya Mary, who was admitted to Venkataeswara Hospitals for Stomach Pain and Heart Problem. She is kept in ICU for treatment, our doctor’s gave the best treatment for his Problem. Now she is completely cured, her son Mr. Jeyapaul sharing the treatment experience, he got to his mother. Finally, he thanked Dr. Thillai Vallal and his entire staff for care and attention.

Patient Voice – Mr Deepak venugopal

Mr Deepak Venugopal shared his experience about Venkataeswara Hospitals

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Patient Voice – Mr. Narayanan

Mr. Narayanan, 52 years old admitted for the treatment of Angiogram. For the past 3 Years he suffered from the Chest Pain, after continuous pain he decided to approach Venkataeswara Hospitals. Now he is completely cured from chest pain and sharing his feedback on how he got treatment from Dr. Thillai Vallal, and Nursing Staffs.

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