Parenting Hacks: Teaching Kids with Good Oral Habits

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Are you sure that your children’s are following a healthy brushing every day or you’re continuously running out of supplies, raising kids to have good oral habits can feel like an rising battle. You can make easier by initiating a dental schedule for your kids and knowledge the most successful ways to teach good dental activities.

Venkataeswara Hospitals are a leading Multispeciality Hospital in Chennai offering these parenting hacks to teach your kids with good oral habit and show why it’s so important.

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Dental Schedule for Your Kids

These are the few objectives for your children’s teeth and when they need a dentist:

  • First Dental Care: For the 1st six months, a child’s teeth are developing in their gums. At this first dental care of your kid’s is to offer good healthy diet.
  • First Teeth: The moment your kid’s first teeth come in, visit dentist for an initial screening and schedule to check your kid’s tooth growth. Make sure that you have to visit the dentist once every 6 months. Kid’s 1st teeth start to grow at about six months old, and permanent teeth start to grow at about 6 years old.
  • Permanent Teeth: The Primary teeth’s are falling out and the permanent teeth replace them when your kids are 6 to 11 years old. From this stage your kids should be brushing their own teeth.

Teach Good Dental Health for Your Kids

When your children start holding a toothbrush, it’s time to start monitoring their independent dental care and to check whether they are brushing in the correct manner or not. Here are a few tips that Venkataeswara Hospitals help to teach your child about oral care.

Books & Educational TV Shows: Nowadays the TV shows, play a vital role in every childrens life. So this is the right chance to educate the importance of oral health care via educational TV shows. You’ll find lots of educational Watch TV to assist your children to understand the value of oral health and how to brush well.

Guide by Example: Make sure don’t just tell your children to brush their teeth properly; brush yours with them so that they can understand the value of oral health. Many Dentist in Chennai always instruct the parents to show the examples.

Educate Health Risks: Give the clear explanation about risk factors such as gum disease, tooth loss and cavities. If they’re too little to understand these factors, talk about how brushing will helps with stinky breath and keeping their mouths healthy.

Make a Dental Chart: Cut out the instructions and pictures from books and magazines, write the steps down on the chart. And hang the chart near the sink, and remind them to read and follow it while brushing their teeth.

Venkataeswara Hospitals are a leading Dental Hospital in Chennai, advice to follow the above tips, and consider to teach your children not only how to brush their teeth but also tell him/her why it’s so essential.