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According to a report by Global Burden of Disease, nearly 24.8% of all deaths in India occur as a result of Cardiovascular Diseases. The proportion of Cardiovascular Diseases had increased from 20.4% in 1990 to 27.1% in 2004.

Cardiovascular deaths in third world countries, such as India, appear to be much higher as compared to first and second world countries. According to 2017 data, heart disease was one of the top three causes of death in India followed by chronic respiratory illness and stroke.

Protecting your heart is essential and the best way to do that is through screening tests and consulting your doctor for any defects. The next question that’ll pop in one’s head is why does heart health check-ups hold an important place in ensuring a healthy heart. Doctors from the best heart hospital in India usually advise heart health check-ups from the age of 30.


Heart check-ups are designed to determine the functioning and condition of the heart. Here are the reasons why heart health check-ups are important.

  • Helps in detecting diseases, and heart conditions at an early stage: Many heart diseases and conditions go undetected without regular heart check-ups and screening tests. As per recommendations by the American Health Association, certain heart health screening tests must begin as early as 20.

    Certain health conditions such as heart diseases, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc may not have symptoms, screening test checks for those medical conditions that may not be detected otherwise.

  • Evaluates risk of heart diseases in the future: Regular health check-ups also evaluate the risk factors for any heart diseases in the future and prevent them beforehand. Knowing about your future risk helps in taking preventive measures to reduce the risk that may occur in the future.
  • Helps you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle: After evaluating the heart condition of the patient through screening tests, the doctor from the best heart hospital in India assesses one’s current lifestyle and suggests tips to enhance your lifestyle by prescribing a nutritious diet, exercise, etc.
  • Serves as a wake-up call: Usually, these check-ups serve as a wake-up call for those patients who pay less attention to their health. Screening tests also increase the success rate of treatment and assists in a positive outcome. The follow-up after the screening tests will depend upon the level of risk.

    Key screening tests that are prescribed by doctors for best cardiovascular health are:

  • Blood Pressure: One of the most important screening tests for heart health is blood pressure, as this condition usually has no symptoms and can’t be detected without proper testing. High blood pressure often increases your risk of heart attack or stroke.
  • Fasting Lipoprotein Profile: This is an important test to measure total cholesterol including good and bad cholesterol. Doctors from the best heart hospital in India recommend this test every 4-6 years, starting from the age of 20. The frequency of the test will be determined by the doctors based on one’s risk for heart diseases or stroke.

Blood Glucose: Doctors recommend regular blood glucose tests at least once every three years. High blood glucose levels can put one at a higher risk of developing diabetic conditions. Diabetes, if left untreated, may lead to serious medical conditions such as heart diseases and stroke.