Dr. Thillai Vallal gives a speech on higher education opportunities and public health

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Editor-in-Chief Augustin John Pete, Alumni Council Administrators, Laaser, Peter Niyanaselvam

  • Susai Amalraj jointly organized an event on Higher Education Placement Program at St. Xavier’s College, Palayamkottai on 11th December.

The event was inaugurated by Teacher Bellarmi where the gathering was welcomed by Former Assistant Teacher, Siluvai Arul Mariajoseph and greeted by Former Student Council Director, Kuzhandhairaj.

Guests were invited to give speeches motivating the students. Students of St. Zavier’s HSS, St. Ignatius HSS, and Infant Jesus HSS participated in this seminar. Assistant Editor-in-Chief John Kennedy gave a special speech about Human Rights Day. Henry Jerome, President of St. Xavier Art Gallery gave a meaningful speech about “Leadership”.

Dr. Thillai Vallal, Cardiology, Venkataeswara Hospital gave a knowledgeable and meaningful speech on Higher Education Opportunities and Public Health. The speech covered various important topics such as the importance of setting goals early in life, working towards fulfilling those goals and laying focus on public health. The doctor advised the students to, “The goal is to set a goal in adolescence”.

All students actively participated in the seminar, asked questions, and interacted with the guests. This inculcated a new sense of motivation in the students. Former Student Council Secretary, Balkadhiravan, thanked the gathering for their attention and participation.

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The event was a great success and all the students took many takeaway points.