Dental and maxillo-facial surgery mandates a multidisciplinary team approach, with surgical consultants performing cheiloplasty, veloplasty, odentectomy, apicectomy and more, where required. This technical field also helps in the medical and surgical management of oral submucous fibrosis, facial pain, facial asymmetry, gummy smile, trismus (inability to open mouth), and other oral and faciomaxillary deformities and disorders.

The Department also performs a variety of surgeries at our Hospital, specifically including surgery for Facial Reconstruction after facial injuries and fractures suffered during road accidents or other physical traumas.

The team comprises experienced oral surgeons from some of the country’s best institutions. Our team ready to support patients suffering from dentofacial and craniofacial trauma, facial infections, head and neck cancer, cleft lip palate, craniofacial anomalies and more. The Dental, Oral and Maxillo-facial surgeons of Venkataeswara Hospitals’ Dental Department treat patients to correct skeletal jaw deformities, treat facial infections, remove cysts and tumours, reconstruct oral and jaw defects and perform jaw joint (TMJ) surgery. Our team also performs a wide range of cosmetic procedures as well, such as tooth whitening, tooth colour restorations, crowns, caps and dentures.

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