Infections and allergies are on the rise, and our expert panel of consultants provide the latest therapies to ensure rapid cure of these annoying disorders and conditions. This is of especial importance as nasal allergies and recurrent colds could lead to the development of bronchitis and asthma when poorly controlled or treated.

Our experienced team of ENT Surgeons perform surgery for specific diseases or infections that affect the Ear-Nose-Throat system, including tonsillitis and chronic otitis media, when indicated. These operations, when done right and at the right time, prevent chronic conditions such as recurrent bronchitis, bronchiectasis, rheumatic heart disease, deafness and even malocclusion of the teeth.

The ENT Department at Venkataeswara Hospitals offers the services of Senior ENT Surgical Consultants with extensive experience in dealing with symptoms relating to the ear-nose-throat system.

Given the range of highly specialised surgical procedures performed by our ENT Surgeons, Venkataeswara Hospitals provides the ENT Department with all necessary equipment and technical support required, to ensure the best possible care for the patient, every time.

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