Celebrating World Heart Day with experts at Venkataeswara Hospitals

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World Heart Day is being celebrated worldwide every year on September 29, which spreads awareness about cardiovascular disease and highlights the actions that an individual can take to prevent and control CVD. There are roughly about 1/3 of the deaths that are caused all over the world which are a result of heart disease and stroke thus making cardiovascular disease the number 1 killer globally.

Cardiovascular diseases have become one of the leading causes of mortality in India with a quarter of all mortality that is attributable to CVD. Ischemic heart disease and stroke being the most predominant causes that are responsible for more than 80% of CVD deaths.

Most of the current generation is exposed to unhealthy behavior including tobacco use, unhealthy diets, inadequate physical activity and harmful use of alcohol, etc. However, cardiovascular diseases can be preventable to a considerable extent provided you do the right things the right way.

Many lives can be saved by undergoing regular check-ups for high blood pressure (which is responsible for the bulk of heart disease-related deaths annually), high blood pressure and other conditions that may raise the risk for heart disease and stroke. Lack of physical activity too may be the major risk factor for the development of many diseases.

Here is what Dr. Su Thillai Vallal, Best Cardiologist Specialists in Chennai at Venkataeswara Hospital says to get more insights on World Heart Day

“Heart disease is getting younger day by day in India and is striking at an early age. There may have been an increased incidence of heart problems in youngsters resorting to a faulty lifestyle that included intake of junk food, lack of physical activities, increasing stress levels, smoking and drinking habits, etc. 80% of premature deaths from cardiovascular disease can be avoided if the above factors are controlled. Regular screening of the heart, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and visiting Best heart hospitals in Chennai for checkup and consultation may go a long way in keeping the heart up and going. Further, take care of small eating habits to regular exercise which are the best preventive measures that one can take besides seeking doctor’s advice.”

“We Indians are genetically predisposed to coronary artery disease which is the need of the hour. It is as important to advocate life-saving techniques to prevent heart failure such as CPR for revival after a sudden cardiac arrest. We conduct CVD awareness programs and counseling sessions regularly to raise awareness. There are no shortcuts to a healthy heart. Spread the word that a healthy lifestyle is a key to a healthy heart.”

“Even someone very particular about a healthy lifestyle may not be aware of certain changes in the heart. Most of the time, a routine check-up can diagnose blockages in people who may never have experienced any heart-related ailments. On World Heart Day, there is a need to raise awareness on the risk factors and the importance of timely health check-ups particularly in those above the age of 35. Some symptoms to watch out for include shortness of breath, extensive fatigue, fluid build-up fluid in the body, persistent cough or wheezing, appetite loss, nausea, confusion, and increased heart rate.”

Prevention should begin early in life. People should get checked on time, undertake proper age-appropriate health check-ups at Best heart hospital in Chennai, and be aware of risk factors. Family history may be an unavoidable risk factor, but the remaining choices lie in our hands. Women need to be more careful as the symptoms they experience may not be the same as those in men.”

Here are some tips that everyone can follow

  1. Regular Physical activities – at least 30-45 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity every day.
  2. Evaluate cholesterol levels and take remedial measures through lifestyle changes and medication.
  3. The strict control of hypertension and diabetes.
  4. Achieving ideal body weight.
  5. Cut Smoking and Alcohol.
  6. Consume foods high in whole grains, protein, fruits and vegetables and low in fat and refined food.
  7. Incorporate heart-healthy habits into your lifestyle and you may well enjoy a healthier life for years to come.

A Healthy heart is your best asset!

This year on World Heart Day, as part of our mission to ensure heart health equity for all, we have introduced a comprehensive Heart checkup at Venkataeswara Hospitals for you all at just 490 INR. It includes a free cardiac consultation, dietician advice, physiotherapy evaluation, and stress management counseling. You can also avail a 50% discount on the Treadmill test and Angiogram (if needed).