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Cardiac Surgery adding up to Patients Benefit

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Venkataeswara Hospitals

The very first thought that comes to everyone’s mind about cardiac surgery is just opening the chest cavity with a beating heart. Possibly the most difficult and highly insidious technique used for entering the heart to achieve the surgery.

While undergoing cardiac surgery, most of the patients get infections, slow recovery, extensive costs and  excessive discomfort. The introduction of minimally Invasive heart surgery in many hospitals in India, like Venkataeswara Hospitals, patients can anticipate a lot of transformation while visiting a Best Cardiology Hospital in Chennai.

Minimal Invasive Cardiac/Heart Surgery

Minimal insidious surgery is made for various heart conditions. This technique requires only a small slit in the front chest wall which leaves no major slit mark. Heart Surgeons don’t have to cut the breastbone as they control through between the ribs which is the small amount of pain, causes a lesser amount of blood loss and in minimally invasive to the adjacent tissue.

Like in open heart surgery, this minimally invasive heart technique also demands stopping the heart and bypassing the blood flow stream using the heart lung bypass machine. Most of the Surgeons in Chennai used to prefer this type of surgery, because certain parts of the heart can easily access using it.

Benefits of Minimal Invasive Surgery

With the advance technologies the cost of heart surgery in India has considerably decreased along with minimum recovery time in ICU, hospital wards and an overall control over the complete costs linked with a surgery. Many Heart Specialist in Chennai and heart facilities have started doing this process on a normal basis in their hospitals.

However the best treatment preference for the patients is evaluated on various parameters and not everyone is a nominee for minimal invasive heart surgery.

The Future of Minimal Invasive Surgery

There are various reasons why minimal invasive surgery is getting recognition among cardiac specialists. Faster healing time, limited post operative worries & recovery time, minimal risk of surgery related difficulties and higher success rate for both doctors and patients to think again open heart surgery.


The expectation for enhanced cardiac care within India is now very much possible with the modern surgical techniques and procedures, the affordability factor may play a central role with many cardiac care facilities adopting the modern technology and hiring super specialized doctors to execute these by best Cardiologist in Chennai.


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